Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to My Blog

If you read this then we have at least one thing in common – traveling! Greetings for having the courage to take your own path and discover the wonders of the world. Here, you’ll find plenty of stories about soul-touching destinations described in the first person. Learn how to use technology to make your trip easier, boost your business, or simply stay connected. This blog was started by chance as I met so many amazing people on the road that I just wanted to share my experience. That’s how it all began and will not stop soon!

Something for Travelers

Of course, the main purpose of this website is to feed all junior and experienced travelers looking for a new direction. Here, they will find short but detailed articles about some of the most magnificent destinations around the globe. Read about the differences in seemingly similar cultures and what to look out for when visiting more exotic destinations. Find out the top hotels and places to stay that will not rip you off and the best food locations.

Pay attention to the peculiarities of the local culture as this could save you troubles and enrich the trip, allowing you to get the maximum experience. For example, in some countries, tips in restaurants are included in the bill, while in others, they must be paid on top. Check out the articles dedicated to the optimal traveling routes as well. These guides don’t show the shortest courses, but the most intriguing ones!

Digital Nomads Territory

Not many people choose the freelance lifestyle, but those that do so remain forever digital nomads. You’ll find pretty useful articles with suggestions about the most and least popular sites among this group of travelers on this page. Some countries, like Mexico, South Africa, and Colombia, look very attractive at first glance but could be dangerous for inexperienced nomads. Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, on the other hand, welcome thousands of freelancers every year, and many of them stay. If all this sounds interesting, continue with our stories dedicated to people working and living by their own rules!

Business Is Also in the Scope

We live in an era in which the real and digital worlds intertwine and coexist, complementing each other. People are using various websites and social media platforms every day, creating communities and opening new chances for businesses to grow, develop, and adapt. There are millions of marketing experts out there that could help you achieve your goals, but first, you need to know what to ask them.

This is where the blog comes to aid. Take a look at the articles aiming to assist fresh entrepreneurs or well-established companies willing to go online. You can find many topics, including:

  • Social Media Impact – how platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok can boost your sales beyond imagination;
  • New Technology – search for the right software tools to fuel and update your business and level up;
  • Customer Engagement – move your customer support team online and assist your customers 24/7;
  • Resource Management – you can use various agencies to track and optimize your productivity, agility, and resiliency;
  • Marketing – modern strategies are not only connected to social media but the web space as a whole.


As you can imagine, the travel information comes straight from the source, but to argue some of the business topics, we need verified facts and reliable sources of data. In light of that, you can rest assured that this page is totally free of false news. We trust only reputable sources and media, like The Guardian. Furthermore, we often handle our own research, interviewing individuals and companies on topics that we believe are essential for our readers.

Stick Around for More!

This blog is regularly updated, and new articles are added constantly. So, if you think that this could be your next info hub, stick around. You can take part in the discussions and provide your point of view or suggest topics to our editors. In any case, we will not let you be bored. Read about fantastic destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America, and you may find the muse to organize a trip to one of them. We may even meet somewhere across this wonderful world and create stories of our own!

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