About Us

This website is all about traveling, working, and having fun the whole time! We share our thoughts and discoveries while visiting different cities around the globe and finding the best spots to settle for a while and finish your remote tasks. The term digital nomad is becoming more and more common as many people choose this lifestyle. It’s not an easy one, though, as it requires sacrifices, but it’s all worth it in the end when you feel genuinely liberated.

In fact, we live in an age of digital revolution, and people can stay connected from almost everywhere. So, if you are new to this, you might consider using some of the free and quite useful apps for travelers, like Google Destinations, Get Your Guide, or Visit a City. Anyway, if you think you are ready to take the road and be a freelancer, you’ll find plenty of interesting and even valuable pieces of information here!

What You Will Learn Here

As a personal blog, you can expect stories from my perspective only, so what I have said does not necessarily fit the characteristics of each freelancer. I will show you how to make the most of every moment and that money is not always the real currency in life. Explore the website to find out:

  • Travel Tips – about numerous destinations on six continents. Lessons learned the hard way and collected over many years;
  • Articles with Specific Focus – digital nomad guides, top destinations to work as a freelancer, safety around the world, best co-working spaces, etc.;
  • Interviews – with other travelers, freelancers, and experts;
  • Cost Breakdowns – the prices of basic stuff around the world, which will help you plan your budget and goals.

And that’s not all! This website isn’t only focused on work and travel, but it’s all about what modern people may need to know. Here, you’ll find special articles about the rising role of social media in our lives, how to use these inventions to speed up our business, and much more. Do you like tech? Tell us what exactly you are passionate about, and we’ll deliver it in a raw form but professionally wrapped, ready to read.

Why Stay With Us

Actually, this is why it’s worth staying on this site! We write about things we believe are important, but we live with eyes wide open. So, if you need a tip, travel guide, or some facts on any tech piece and new digital platform, just let us know. After all, the purpose of this blog is to be useful to other people who may end up in my shoes over time.

Another reason to stick with us is that we are not commercially oriented and will not waste your time promoting expensive stuff. See the world through our eyes and find out the endless possibilities of the modern age. Everyone can gear up with a laptop and use social media to share their experiences with others. You can pretty much sponsor your trip that way and be more independent than most people around the world.

The Team Behind the Traveler

Although this is a personal blog, I use the help of other travelers and freelancers to make my content interesting to read. In fact, writing is an art form, but we want it to reach as many people as possible. So, the team behind me is not actually a crew made of a cameraman, editor, marketing specialist, and so on. It is rather a joint effort of different enthusiasts who have chosen this way of life and this profession. Stay with us and prepare for your next trip!