Where Digital Nomads Feel Best

Where Digital Nomads Feel Best

To answer that question, you first need to know what drives digital nomads to be what they are and do what they do. Freelancers are a special subspecies of working people who can’t stand a 9 to 5 job in an office! The most sincere desire of their souls is to be free, have fun, and see the whole world in a lifetime. But no matter how much they love to travel, finally, all digital nomads find the perfect destination to settle in, at least for a while. In this article, we have prepared some of the most attractive freelance cities on the map.

Basic Needs

Let’s not forget that the freelance lifestyle does not mean 24/7 fun and exploration of amazing locations. On the contrary, they need to work in order to fund all this and stay independent. There are a few things that every digital nomad needs in order to be productive:

  • Good and Constant Internet Access
  • Co-Working Space or Community to Communicate with Other Freelancers
  • Suitable Climate
  • Easy Visa Renewing if Required
  • Safety is Also Crucial
  • Entertainment and Places to Visit Nearby.

Of course, these are only the basics, and every digital nomad applies its own personal preferences. According to a study conducted by The Guardian, around 85% of all 100% remotely working individuals prefer warm weather and access to beaches, which makes countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand, the most likely destinations for thousands of digital nomads.

Top Digital Nomad Destinations to Live & Work

Given what has been said so far, perhaps the first choice may come as a surprise to you – Lisbon, Portugal. However, this beautiful city has a rich history, wonderful climate throughout the whole year, and offers plenty of entertainment. It’s part of the EU, which automatically ticks the Safety and Security boxes. Transportation is also very important as you can quickly switch your location if you need a change!

Here are other great destinations full of digital nomads and freelancer souls:

  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico – if you like to live in a place where the tropical beaches are at your doorstep, Mexico could provide. The country provides up to 180 days of Visa-free stay per year and a large number of amenities and reasons to come back again and again;
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand – this city seems to be built for digital nomads. It’s full of co-working spaces, free Wi-Fi restaurants and cafes, and friendly locals. The quality of Thai food is very high, and the standard of living is quite affordable. Chiang Mai is an excellent starting point if you wish to explore Thailand;
  • Penang, Malaysia – part of UNESCO World Heritage, Penang attracts thousands of digital nomads every year. It stands out with appealing architecture, high-quality food, and quick access to island-style beaches. No matter what you think, Penang is considered safe and friendly to foreigners;
  • Medellin, Colombia – the notorious city is actually digital nomad heaven these days. No matter the local reputation, Colombia is a beautiful country, and there is much to be seen there. Medellin is a cheap and developed city which offers entertainment and many freelancers live here!

On the Flip Side

If we take a look at the rankings of financial magazines like Forbes, Fortune, and Bloomberg, wé’ll see some of the European megapolises on top. Although any digital nomads actually earn a pretty decent income, they avoid most of these cities for various reasons. Check out some examples from our own research:

  • Munich, Germany – a popular tourist destination which can offer you truly a lot, combining a modern lifestyle and many nearby natural sites. However, Munich is one of the most expensive German cities;
  • Vienna, Austria – one of the most beautiful EU capitals, attracting millions of people every year for its unique architecture, numerous museums, and palaces. It’s avoided by digital nomads for the same reasons as Munich;
  • Seoul, South Korea – this megapolis is not suitable for people looking for a life in a lower gear. The fast-paced environment is great for entrepreneurs but pushes back most freelancers;
  • Bali, Indonesia – one of the world’s most gorgeous destinations is often skipped by many nomads. The main reason seems to be the language barrier with locals;
  • Tokyo, Japan – very popular among nomads with high income but very difficult to visit due to the heavy Visa requirements.

Main Reasons to Stay or Leave

Making the right choice depends on your personality, but starting from a popular destination hides fewer risks. After all, it seems that the climate, standard of living, and public safety are the essentials. Although there are still a few black spots on the planet, Internet coverage is almost ubiquitous. Perhaps you should take into consideration the transportation to and fro your preferred location. For example, many European destinations like Bratislava, Sofia, Budapest, and Krakow are also popular among digital nomads for being well-connected with the rest of the world. On the other hand, if you seek peace, look for a place surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

Final Words

Digital nomads are everywhere, and it’s incorrect to make rankings without mentioning that these are just some of the most famous locations. Younger freelancers search for adventure, and they will most likely prefer to travel instead of staying in one place for a year. For such individuals, Mexico and Malaysia are great options as they allow up to 90 or even 180 days of stay without Visa. At the same time, Europe provides other types of treats. The US is also developing in that direction, creating massive co-working spaces to accommodate travelers.

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