Work While Traveling: Pros & Cons

Work While Traveling: Pros & Cons

There is a movement that stays away from world trends but at the same time is gaining serious popularity among certain types of people. People with free consciousness understand that in addition to black and white, there are many shades of gray. They see the world as a playground and wish to see it all. Of course, unless you are a hereditary millionaire, it would be difficult to travel constantly!

But if you know how to combine the useful with the pleasant and practice professions that do not require you to be constantly present in the office, the equation begins to simplify. On the other hand, many people need to travel in order to work, like journalists, archaeologists, flight attendants, etc. In the following article, you’ll find the most significant pros and cons to being on the move and working at the same time.

Work Vacations – Good or Bad Idea?

Well, depends on who you are asking! Workcatons are the new trend among people capable of doing what they do 100% remotely. Whether you are a blogger, IT magician, influencer, or occupying any other role connected digitally, you can work for a few hours and enjoy the rest of the day. If so, why not do that from the road. Some people are even more productive that way, especially writers looking for their muse!

Here are some reasons why you have to try a workcation:

  • – Experience several destinations at once
  • – It’s More Affordable and You Can Even Save Money
  • – Possible Increase in Productivity and Creativity
  • – Never Get Bored as You Stay in Control
  • – Take a Break from Your Home Reality.

Of course, there are critics of this type of work process. They may have a point, saying that you neither stay 100% focused on your work nor unplug yourself completely and rest. Another important reason is that you may need a lot of money to start your adventure, sponsor it on the way, and get back home with no savings. For some destinations and nationalities, there are some administrative obstacles as well, like obtaining Visa.

Traveling for Work – Reasons For & Against

Taking working vacations might be a liberating and refreshing experience, but what about spending your life in the same way? Lots of people already have embraced that and do their job just to maintain the trip. The sense of freedom is only one of the benefits of being a digital nomad! Here are more, just to make you think about the possibility:

  • Complete Independence – live by your rules and care about your happiness only. It may sound a little selfish, but think about a person who is completely independent
  • Be on the Edge – many people are tempted by ordinary life due to the security it grants. The lack of attachment is unthinkable for many but inspires IT nomads, to some extent
  • Improved Life Quality – find your inner self, travel the world, and get only the essence
  • The Trip Itself – some people are born to explore the world, and this could be the easiest and funniest way to do so.

Many organizations around the world speak only about the benefits of working and traveling as even Forbes accent on the best remote jobs to encourage youngsters. However, you need to think about the extended time away from your loved ones, the increased risk of burnout, and the financial instability. Other reasons to think twice before taking on the road are the possible sense of loneliness, lots of energy and laziness, and the difficulty of maintaining a work-life balance! As we said, it’s all about every individual’s personality and stage in life!

Co-Working Spaces

Have you ever heard of Hubud or DevX shared working spaces? They are located in Bali, Indonesia, and Mumbai, India, and provide an excellent environment for everyone willing to wrap up their work and send it to their employer. Freelancers and digital nomads usually meet there if they need a strong Internet connection or other office benefits. More and more co-working spaces open doors, especially in countries with strong tourism but low economies such as the Philippines. Find plenty of valuable facts for the best shared spaces on the CoWorker website. Many working travelers choose these locations for many reasons, including the tasty food, friendly locals, suitable climate, and lower cost of living.

Of course, they have plenty of options and can work from the beach, a cafe, or their rented rooms, but the connection is often the main reason they spend a few hours in shared working spaces. This is not a bad thing, as humans still remain social animals. Sometimes a 2×2 box and a desk can be valuable for your concentration so you can finish your task faster and get back to exploring the world around you. The growth in the number and size of these co-working areas clearly shows the trend towards increasing interest in the so-called free professions.

Final Thoughts

The possibility of working and traveling at the same time sounds tempting, but it’s not for everyone. To enrich your life with sightseeing and unforgettable sunsets, you need to sacrifice no less important things, like family and friends. You can wake up in a different city every day and see the world as beautiful as it really is or settle and gets a day job. There is no right and wrong here, it’s just what you are made of and what your dreams are. And if you choose to be on the road and mix the adventures with a job, then there are plenty of ways to achieve that!

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