Social Media – Boost for Your Business

Social Media – Boost for Your Business

Social media entered our everyday lives quickly after the new millennium was celebrated. For ordinary people, platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are attractive sources of entertainment, news, and a way for easy communication. On the flip side, the business is actually benefiting the most from this digital revolution. They have a new method to reach buyers, which is a lot more efficient, flexible, and cheap. Furthermore, within minutes your land-based entrepreneurship can go live and cross the online barrier. This opens a whole new world of opportunities and indirectly boosts many other businesses, such as the currier companies.

New Marketing Trends

But having a new window to boost your sales doesn’t mean that your brand will be successful. At least after the big mania during the first decade or two, everybody has been buying everything only because it’s online. When things calmed down, the only question was what would be the right marketing approach or how should I post to attract as many consumers as possible. Keep in mind that the end result depends a lot on the chosen social media. For example, Facebook is suitable for more detailed ads, while the posts on other platforms should be as short and product-oriented as possible.

Here are some suggestions on what to focus your ads on when creating a marketing campaign on social media:

  • Uniqueness – what makes your product or service unique or better than the competition
  • Company Highlights – show the potential customers that your brand is genuine and keeps up with the current social and business trends
  • Feedback from Existing Customers – this always helps to raise trust in users that don’t know you yet
  • News & Updates – of your product, the niche, the local and foreign competition
  • Discounts – it’s always better to know that you are making a good deal.

Top Social Media Platforms

Probably not many people know that Linkedin was the first real social media intended to connect users. It was launched in 2002 with the sole purpose of providing a platform for those searching for new career opportunities. Today, it’s one of the best ways for companies to search for new employees and vice versa, but it’s also recommended for establishing sales leads.

Let’s take a closer look at the other social media that could be a gamechanger for your business:

  • Facebook/Meta – it went online in 2004, and today it boasts almost 3 billion users, including over 70% of all US adults, according to different research centers. Facebook recently changed its name to Meta but remains the biggest social media with the largest advertising potential. It’s good to promote almost everything;
  • Twitter – it’s a rather unique interactive platform with massive potential, supporting both business and personal content. As the Twit messages should be shorter, the marketing strategy here must be a lot more direct;
  • Instagram – one of the newer social media, together with Pinterest, SnapChat, and TikTok. It was launched in 2010, focusing on youngsters who love to share and watch short videos and compilations. Good for advertising products and services consumed by this part of the society
  • Reddit – is a 2005-project which had to be a news platform but became one of the most visited chat and blog apps. It has more than 300 million registered users and is naturally suitable for the promotion of a wide variety of products.

Does This Really Works?

Every entrepreneur must find out the best channel to promote its product. It could be a TV or radio commercial or a huge banner on the exit to the highway. It all depends on the product or service! But social media is good for everyone. You simply choose your target group of users, and you’ll reach them instantly. The increase in the number of ads and their intensity will inevitably lead to frustration in the end users, but this is the indirect price they pay to use the media for free.

However, the numbers show a different trend! The registrations continue to rise on every social media. An interesting study showed that 90% of the interviewed people said they have learned about a new brand from YouTube or Facebook. On the other hand, millions of company owners admit that they depend on their marketing campaigns to register more than half of their monthly sales!

Social Media vs. Traditional Advertising

Reminder Advertising Online

All this naturally raises the question of what happens to traditional ways of marketing and advertising. This type of service has always been extremely expensive, especially when it comes to buying TV time. Social media commercials are far cheaper and have proven to be more effective! So why not cut the expenses, especially when a potential crisis approaches. The answer is simple as always! Every experienced business person knows that diversification is the key to long-term success. Properly prepared and targeted ads on old and new channels will not only lead to stable sales growth but will also meet the objectives of so-called “reminder advertising.”


Using social media will 100% help your business not just grow but also humanize the brand, increase traffic, which can be redirected, and go viral. Each platform has its pros and cons, including YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and SnapChat. An experienced marketing expert can help you and point out the better choices for generating leads and boosting sales. It’s the digital revolution at its best! All fields are now covered – TV and radio broadcasting, social media, newspapers, and billboards. Perhaps the next playground for marketers will be virtual reality!

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